The Blacksmith Restaurant serves Distinctive Bold Cuisine in the historic Pierson’s Blacksmith Shop in Bend, OR.

This was my first time dinning in Bend and I went to the right place! After looking at the yelp reviews I passed on a place down the street that was name the same as my favorite pale in Elk Grove. Boy am I glad I did.

The Blacksmith Steakhouse does have some history here. It was just that, and old blacksmith shop opened in the late 1800 all the way to the 70’s. When you walk in it has the look of an upper scale restaurant with a very casual fee where everyone is welcome. The decor in the restaurant is warm and inviting and has the historical brick walls and cemented rock from the original Blacksmith shop.

We came in without a reservation. The hostess said we could dine in the lounge and it was perfect for is. We walked by an impressively stock bar that had probably had everything you would ever want to drink. It was a wall or spirits that was sure to satisfy everyone. Heaven!

We were greeted quickly by some of the staff with menus and water. I was surprised by the welcome we received so far. Then a wonderful waitress named Shelby kindly greeted us and again with a warm welcome. She took our cocktail order and Score, they have Private Stock! ( I told you they had it all) That is my drink of choice that many places dont carry. My wife have the Peach Lemon Drop. She said it was perfect and very tasty. We also orders the Dungeness crab corn dogs for an appetizer and a Caesar salad and a Wedge salad with Tomato caviar.

The cocktails came quick along with an Amuse-bouch! A house made Hummus on a house made crisp. Very nice touch and another great way to say “Thank you for coming in”! Then out comes the Dungeness crab corn dogs. They were so sweet and flavorful with great crab taste and texture. The tartar sauce was a perfect dip. After our apps were done and I order the second cocktail our salads came to the table. No rush at all and perfect timing.

My wife said that it was the best Caesar salad ever! It had Polenta croutons that were crisp on the outside and smooth on the inside. My Wedge salad was very unique. It was stuffed with blue cheese and topped with…. yes….Tomato Caviar! Succulent little pearls of tomato. Both were very good salads fresh and crisp!

Now comes the highlight on the evening. A 28 ounce Tomahawk Rib Eye. This was beautiful to look at and picture perfect. It was the perfect med rare and so juicy and flavorful. The chef here has done a nice job trimming this steak and the bone was “Frenched” perfectly. (Butcher talk there!) Whoever was on the broiler did a great job cooking the beauty! It was sitting on a sweet bacon demi. One of the best demi every. This unique demi complimented the steak perfectly. There was plenty to drag each piece of steak thought this tasty sauce!

The staff are dressed professional in black and present themselves as well. The Blacksmith has their stuff together and they are engaged in the business and you can tell by the way the treat their guest and staff. The timing of delivery was on point. The food and drink was as well!

The restaurant business is a tough business to be in. The cost of food in America makes it tough to hit price points for everyone. I love a restaurant that is not afraid to charge for their food. It shows confidence in their product and it shows in the service and quality you get at the Blacksmith. If you want a great meal and a wonderful experience then the Blacksmith is for you!

Ambiance 5 stars
Bar 5 stars
Staff 5 stars
Food 5 stars
And yes, the restrooms 5 stars!

Thank you Blacksmith for a wonderful evening. If I lived here I would be a regular!

Chris C.


211 NW Greenwood 
Bend Oregon 97701


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